The Face of Advertising is Changing…
…Every Few Seconds.

Drury Digital Displays are the next generation of Out-of-Home Advertising. Their futuristic technology gives you the freedom to update your message daily, hourly, even up-to-the-minute, creating outdoor advertising that is vibrant, flexible and always on time.  Change the way you advertise and Go Drury Digital.

Drury’s Digital Displays are the new high-octane fuel propelling Out-of-Home Advertising into the future.  Once found only in Times Square and athletic arenas, Drury’s innovative approach to technology brings this explosive advertising tool to your own back yard.

Drury’s new Digital Displays give advertisers significant creative flexibility and up-to-the-moment message opportunities.  They offer the ability to immediately customize time-relevant messages to consumers as often as advertisers' needs dictate.   Drury’s high impact locations are strategically placed throughout the city to give advertisers tremendous reach to execute both general market and targeted advertising campaigns that consumers can't mute, fast forward or erase.  This new digital technology is transforming outdoor advertising into the most flexible and responsive of all advertising platforms.

By using Drury Digital Display’s with your Out-of-Home advertising it will fit neatly into the American consumer’s life and is available when the consumer is ready.  Television, radio and print are interruptive: therefore, advertisements are tuned out in favor of the hustle and bustle of life and work.  Digital Out-of-Home advertising is successful because it engages and holds the consumer as its captive audience, yet does not rely on interruptions.  It’s the one form of advertising that the consumer is guaranteed to see.

Using Drury Digital Advertising is also Smart Because…


High frequency – 1,440 spots per 24 hour period.

Flexibility - you can change your message quickly.

Outdoor Advertising can catch consumers on the way to spend money.

48% will pick up dinner on the way home

77% buy groceries on the way home

57% stop in a retail store on the way home

39% are spending more time in their car than a year ago

2 out of 4 have not watched the morning news in the past week.

48% didn’t pick up a newspaper yesterday.

306 average number of miles people drive in a week.

2 out of 5 consumers make the decision to shop on the way home.

It costs less than other forms of advertising.

Targets today’s highly mobile consumer.

Has the audience that television, newspaper and radio must first build.

Nobody ever went to the bathroom during a billboard!

Outdoor has always been one of the most effective means of advertising that your money can buy.  And today it’s even more important to rely on Outdoor Advertising as American’s spend more time with Outdoor than watching television, reading the paper or listening to the radio.  By using Drury’s new Digital Displays with your outdoor advertising you are guaranteed to be seen and noticed.  Change they way you advertise and Go Drury Digital.

 *Statistics provided by Arbitron 2003, Scarorough 2004 and

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