SIGN # 159-N
Location: .25 miles South of the I-55/Hwy 61 Interchange on the East side of I-55        
City: New Madrid, MissouriRoute:I-55 Mile Marker:44.4
Size:14'x48'Direction:Southbound FaceMedia:Bulletin
Lat / Long36.565577 / -89.580418Lights:Included dusk to midnight
DEC: 13,998        
Monthly Cost:        
Contract Term:        

-This board dominates the area as it effectively reaches the southbound traffic on Interstate 55. It has an extended, uncluttered approach that will provide the advertiser with excellent visibility and a tremendous presence.

-This location is 5 minutes north of the Marston Exit and 25 minutes from the Hayti/Caruthersville exit.