SIGN # 196-E
Location: .1 miles East of the Rt. 13/Skyline Interchange on the South side of Rt. 13        
City: Marion, IllinoisRoute:Rt. 13 Mile Marker:Metro
Size:14'x48'Direction:Westbound FaceMedia:Bulletin
Lat / Long37.74458 / -88.988727Lights:Included dusk to midnight
DEC: 26,422        
Monthly Cost:        
Contract Term:        

-This sign is also one of the biggest on Rt. 13 at 672 sqaure feet.

-This billboard is in a high traffic area between a few car dealerships and Heartland Regional Medical Center.

-This Left Hand Reader has a great profile from Rt. 13 as you head to Marion to Carbondale.