SIGN # 140-S
Location: 4 miles North of the I-55/Hwy 61 Interchange on the East side of I-55,        
City: Fruitland, MissouriRoute:I-55 Mile Marker:109.5
Size:14'x48'Direction:Northbound FaceMedia:Bulletin
Lat / Long37.481488 / -89.664025Lights:Included dusk to midnight
DEC: 11,983        
Monthly Cost:        
Contract Term:        

-This Right Hand Reader has a commanding profile from Interstate 55 aas you are driving North and is about 15-20 minutes from the Perryville exit (great for impulse buyers).

-This board dominates the area with its larger size and has an extended, uncluttered approach that will provide the advertiser with excellent visibility.