SIGN # 129-W
Location: .9 miles South of the I-55/ Rt.K Interchange on the West side of I-55        
City: Cape Girardeau, MissouriRoute:I-55 Mile Marker:95.1
Size:14'x48'Direction:Eastbound FaceMedia:Bulletin
Lat / Long37.286527 / -89.572888Lights:Included dusk to midnight
DEC: 22,066        
Monthly Cost:        
Contract Term:        

-This location has a good profile on Rt. 74 and is located in front of the I-55 and Siemers Drive Interchange.

-This billboard would also be an effective "directional" sign because of its location at the corner.

-The sign is located on the new bridge route and at a high traffic intersection in front of the turn off for a major shopping district on Mt. Auburn.